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[] Bugzilla upgrade: Friday, July 27 1:00pm Eastern time


I'd like to perform an upgrade of Bugzilla Friday, July 27 at 1:00pm.
This will upgrade our current Bugzilla 4.0.4 to the latest, 4.2.1.  You
can try a sandboxed version of 4.2.1 here:  Please note that the sandbox is not
running in an optimized environment, and it's noticeably slower than our
production Bugzilla instance.

The new features include:
* Creating an Attachment by Pasting Text Into a Text Field
* HTML Bugmail
* Improved Searching System
* Disabling Old Components, Versions and Milestones
* A handful of performance and security improvements
.. and many more small improvements which may help you love Bugzilla
more than ever (if that is even possible!)

The full release notes are available here:

If you have any comments on this upgrade, or on the Bugzilla sandbox,
please use this bug:



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