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[] Quick update: Authentication, Bugzilla, SSH, Europe


A quick report on the state of IT:

Before the winter break, we consolidated our Bugzilla and Committer accounts databases, which means you no longer have two accounts.  We still have work to do in this area, as some of our web properties still rely on the Bugzilla database for authentication, but by now all the minor glitches have been worked out and things are working smoothly.

We've recently upgraded to the latest and greatest Bugzilla release: the 4.x stream.  You can read about the new features in Bugzilla 4.x here:

The SSH shell protection mechanism we've put in place several months ago is working smoothly.  We rarely see new reports of shell access from unknown subnets as the system has learned your shell access points.

The winner of the "most subnets in use" award goes to Stephan Herrmann, with 29 subnets, followed by Dennis Hübner, 24, and Stephen Pingel, with 19.  By way of comparison, Eclipse legend David Williams only has 3.

Many had reported poor performance to servers from Europe, and I witnessed this firsthand at EclipseCon Europe in November.  Since then, I've worked with our Internet provider to identify and fix a number of bottlenecks, which have led to noticeable performance improvements (as observed with an Amazon EC2 instance in Ireland).  We're now monitoring performance from Europe on a regular basis, and we'll keep tuning our network gear to ensure adequate throughput.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxx.

Denis & Matt

Denis Roy


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