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Hi there,

before we start: A happy new year!

Little more than a month ago Denis mentioned that this list's purpose is to ask questions related to committer topics. So here is one that bothers me for a while now (hope this list is the right place to ask this question).

I frequently stumble over little annoying things like missing toString methods, boilerplate code for getters and setters, as well as "implementing hashCode" and "equals" etc. Most implementations look the same. For instance, hashCode, toString and equals almost always look as follows in our code:

public int hashCode(){
   return org.apache.commons.lang3.HashCodeBuilder.reflectiveHashCode(this)

public boolean equals(Object other){
   return org.apache.commons.lang3.EqualsBuilder.reflectiveEquals(this,other)

public String toString(){
   return org.apache.commons.lang3.ToStringBuilder.reflectiveToString(this)

Project Lombok aims to assist developers here by using annotations such as @ToString or @EqualsAndHashCode. See the screencast on for more details on it. gives a pretty fast overview of its features. It seems that there is also an integration into Eclipse and into Maven to run the code generation as part of your build. For the IDE Integration Lombok patches the code so that it "sees" the generated methods but does not require you to actually write it in source.

My questions to the list:

Does any project/committer use Project Lombok?
Does any project/committer use Spring Roo (which seems to be "not that far away")?
Are there any concerns about using Project Lombok at Eclipse?


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