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[] Quick Infra update


Before everyone vaporizes for the holiday season, I thought I'd post a quick update:

1. Bugzilla authentication changes

This Thursday, Dec 22, we're rolling out some changes to our user account management.  For committers, this means your committer account and your Bugzilla account will be merged into one.

On Thursday, you will log into Bugzilla using your email address and your committer password.  Please see [1] for more details.

2. Bugzilla Upgrade
Also happening this Thursday,  we'll be upgrading Bugzilla to Bugzilla 4.0.x.  The upgrade will bring us up-to-date with Bugzilla, and should only take a few hours.

3. Gerrit Code Review for Git
As per bug 283749 [2], Gerrit Code Review is coming soon.  The changes we're rolling out to our authentication will help make this possible.  Stay tuned for Gerrit.

4. Best Wishes!
On behalf of everyone at the Eclipse Foundation, have a great holiday season, and best wishes for the new year.


Denis Roy


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