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[] Infra update: more bandwidth, SSH shells


A short update for you before kicking off the weekend:

More bandwidth!
Effective immediately, we are doubling our bandwidth limit during our "morning rush", from 9:30am to 10:30am (Eastern time) every weekday --  effectively 240Mbps instead of 120Mbps.  That one-hour period consistently represents our busiest period of the day.

The benefit will be twofold: not only will downloads be much faster during that period, downloads will also be much faster throughout the rest of the day since there won't be any residual traffic from the morning rush.  This daily increase will represent no additional cost to the Foundation
as we pay bandwidth based on the 95th percentile.

SSH Shells
As you may know, most committers do not have shell access on our servers since it is not needed for normal SCM usage, or to manage downloads.  Some projects have elaborate release engineering needs which require some committers to have shell access.  Shell access must be requested through the Portal[1], and must be accompanied by a detailed explanation of why shell access is needed.

If you have any questions regarding this notice or any other Eclipse IT issue, please contact us directly at webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxx



Denis Roy

          Europe 2011

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