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[] Upcoming server maintenance


As you may know, we have been busy deploying all the new servers donated by Google, IBM and Intel[1]. So far we've addressed our core web services (, bugzilla, wiki) and our NFS servers, and we're in the process of deploying additional build hardware.

This weekend, we'll be moving our database servers to their new counterparts. In short, Bugzilla, Wiki and other parts of our website will be read-only or unavailable for approximately 1 hour....

    Sunday, May 23 2010 at 7:00am Eastern Time

The new database servers, with dual quad-core Xeon 5540 CPUs and 48G of RAM will greatly improve SQL performance and scalability for all our sites; most notably, Bugzilla searches, Wiki and download statistics[2].  This summer, after Helios has shipped, we will focus on deploying powerful new hardware for and to accelerate access to your favourite (or not) SCM.

I hope the hardware migrations have been painless for you so far.  At the very least, I hope the incremental performance gains you're experiencing make the pain tolerable  :-)



[2] Truth be told, download statistics will be usable for the first time in years.

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