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[] Bugzilla upgrade (LATER/REMIND going away), upcoming maintenance


Just a quick reminder that Karl and I be installing our new firewall and server load-balancing devices this weekend.  As mentioned earlier[1], access to our sites may be a bit flaky during this time.

Also, I'll be upgrading Bugzilla to the latest Bugzilla 3.4 on Saturday August 29 at 9:00pm ET. We're currently running 3.0 and since we skipped the 3.2 release, plenty of new features[2][3] will be available to you shortly.  You can also test-drive the new Bugzilla here, but keep in mind I'm actively using it to test and stage, so its performance and availability may vary:

The upgrade will be quite time-consuming (several hours), as major changes have occurred to the database structure.  During this time, Bugzilla will be unavailable.

Also note that the LATER and REMIND resolutions will be going away with this upgrade.  They are no longer part of the default Bugzilla installation, and they have been deprecated for over two years.  Please help me triage the remaining LATER and REMIND bugs before the upgrade, since I will be changing any left over to REPOPENED/P5 during the upgrade.

Thanks for your help!

Denis, Karl and Matt.


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