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[] New Forum/newsgroup software: please update your newsgroup description.


Discussion Forums will soon find their way on our website.  They will interface with the newsgroups and will offer a full-featured, easy-to-use alternative to those users who cannot (or wish not to) use newsgroups. Our current newsgroup web interface will be deprecated.

Since there are over 150 newsgroups at, I'd like to ask you to revise your current newsgroup description. Use the Portal > Eclipse Projects > [view] > [maintain] Project Info Metadata to do so.

- Put your Marketing hat on. Keep your description short yet informative.
- Spell check and use punctuation.
- Explain what your Three Letter Acronym (TLA) is. Easy, isn't it?
- Try to avoid words like 'Come here to discuss' or 'this is the newsgroup for'. On a Forum site, users know that already.

- Put HTML or text asking users to go to your project homepage.  I will take care of that for you.
- Repeat your TLA.   "Eclipse TLA project forum" is not very helpful unless your TLA is a well-known brand.
- Use more than 20 words.

Here are some edits that I would suggest:

Birt: This newsgroup is for discussions about the formation, scope, and direction [snip]

Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools    <-- that sais it all, really.

Tml: Come here to participate in technical discussions about the formation,scope, and direction of the Tools for mobile Linux Project. Ifyou have comments or ideas, or interest in contributing to the project,this is the place to do it.

Tml: Development tools for mobile devices running Linux

RCP: Come here to participate in technical discussions about how to use the Rich Client Platform (RCP).

RCP: Using the Rich Client Platform (RCP).

Thank you for your help in making our community a better place!


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