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[] June craziness FAQ


The craziest month of the year is upon us, and regardless of your project's participation in Galileo, here are some handy June FAQ.  Feel free to print this list and place it below your monitor for easy reference.

Q: Is down?
A: No, it's just slow.

Q: Is [|Bugzilla|CVS|*] slow, or is it just me?
A: It's not just you.

Q: My build usually takes 2 minutes, now it takes 2 hours.  What's happening?
A: T'was the month before Ganymede.

Q: I usually get 200K/s from, now I only get .00001 K/s. Why is it so slow?
A: All the bandwidth is gone.

On a more serious note, here are some tips that can help make the month more tolerable:

TIP: Don't use
If you must get files from and throughput is low, use SCP or SFTP from  You can also use the 'external' trick for faster downloads -- but shhh, that's our little secret.

TIP: Don't build and sign for nothing
If CI is to take only one month off in the year, this would be it.  Signing and building are resource-intensive operations, so before submitting that 12GB nightly build to the sign queue, please reconsider.

TIP: Disable unnecessary jobs that run during the week
Statistics, CVS queries, CVSSearch, Bugzilla and download stats, or any other cool, but non-essential toys that generate load on our servers can be run on weekends to minimize impact during the week.  Weekends at are defined as Friday 3pm ET to Sunday 6am ET.

TIP: Clean up your downloads, archives, home and working directories
The fewer files we have to replicate and backup, the better for everyone.

I wish everyone a great release; may your download stats accrue and all your bugs be marked RESOLVED FIXED.


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