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CVS data loss too (was: Re: Check your recent bugs (was: [] Infra update))

David Green wrote:
> Denis,
> Thanks for the update.  I noticed that there might be some data loss
> with bugzilla.  I've got an email in my inbox for a bug that was posted.
>  When I click on the link, a different bug exists there with the same id.  

Hi all,

it's not just Bugzilla that was affected. I lost all CVS check-ins that
I did yesterday between approx 15:00 to 17:30 UTC. CVS was definitely
_not_ read-only during that time.
(I was able to recreate my commits from the working copy later)

Guess this is a good opportunity to restart the DVCS [1] discussion.

Markus Alexander Kuppe


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