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[] Nova - A new theme for

Good afternoon committers,


We’ve been working on putting a new face to for a while now. On October 1st we launched the page you see at now.  And starting tomorrow, we’re going to release a new homepage and new skin for the website called…


Nova -


Thanks to the feedback you guys provided in Bug 252006, I think we’ve come up with something you’ll like.  Nova is designed to be lighter, cleaner, and get you to the right sections of our website. 



Project Website Maintainers


Setting your pages theme to “Nova” in _projectCommon.php should be all you need to do for most pages.


Check out the Modeling Pages under the new skin.



If you’re a committer who takes care of your projects website and want more detail have a look at to get you started, while we eventually plan to change the default skin for all of to Nova, you guys need time to get that done.


Migrating your pages over shouldn’t take you much time. Nova is compatible with the tags used in Phoenix.  



Nathan Gervais - nathan@xxxxxxxxxxx

Web Developer 

The Eclipse Foundation



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