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[] Eclipse IT Service Level Agreement -- more info


Walter had an interesting question regarding the SLA [1] I published recently:

If is dead for some reason, e.g. email and Bugzilla both
down, what is the protocol?  Should we assume that in an event like that
you guys will already have been paged by some automated process and are
already on it, or is there a phone number, or ... ?

We have automated monitoring systems running in Ottawa and in our Portland office, both of which are connected to the plain old Internet (ie, not connected to in any special way). These monitors are configured to page the webmasters' mobile devices during off-hours, so in practice, if Tier 1 services are down, we should already be working on restoring them.

Please note that if performance becomes degraded during off-hours, our monitors will not page us, and we will work on the issue on a Best Effort basis (ie, next business day or earlier if we happen to observe the issue). Strategic Members who deem that the performance degradation is a blocker which requires immediate webmaster intervention can refer to the Support Policy document for escalation procedures. This document is mentioned on the SLA but not linked to. If you're a project lead with a Strategic Member, you can inquire about the Support Policy by contacting me directly.




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