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Re: [] TPTP profiling initiative pilot

I am the TPTP lead and yes we are looking forward to bringing a better profiler to the community!

Note that we are looking for plug-in developers. Those plug-in developers may or may not be committers, but we couldn't find a mailing list for all the plug-in developers, so if you do know a plug-in developer who would like to try it, let 'em know about this...


Eugene Chan wrote:

Hi Eclipse Committer,

The Eclipse Test and Performance Tools Platform (TPTP) project is starting
an initiative to improve the usability of the TPTP profiler and make TPTP a
better product for the community. Within TPTP we modestly call this
initiative POG (Profiler Of the Gods).

We have addressed a number of usability issues in the most recent Ganymede
delivery and are now soliciting Eclipse plug-in developers to try the profiler
and provide feedback to improve the overall profiling experience.

If you are a plug-in developer and are interested to participate, please reply to me so I can keep you abreast of the developments as this effort progresses. Those who participate can expect enhanced direct support from the TPTP team in
return for their efforts to help us shake out the profiler.

TPTP has created a quick start guide:_

We will also be doing support using the newsgroup eclipse.tptp. Please put
'POG' in the subject line when posting on the newsgroup so that we may
properly triage our community support efforts. This iteration of the profiling initiative pilot is targeted to close on Dec 2nd ,2008 so we can incorporate your experiences and suggestions into the next iteration for the spring Ganymede point release. Our aim is to continue this effort on an ongoing basis, with each release being better for the community than the previous.


Eugene Chan
IBM Toronto Laboratory, Canada


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