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[] How do I get modification privileges to Bugzilla

[Apologies for posting this here, but I have not been able to successfully send a message to technology-pmc-request@xxxxxxxxxxx]


I am a PL on the ORMF project. This Webmaster FAQ " I need to add/remove.change a version/milestone/component in Bugzilla. How do I do this?" indicates that I should have the ability to manage the ORMF Bugzilla but when attempt to access the link,  I get the following error:

Bugzilla Self Management

As a Project Lead or PMC member you can grant access to committers to edit bugzilla components,versions and milestones for your project(s)

It looks like you don't have access to edit any bugzilla components.
Talk to the PL or PMC of your project(s)

Can you please advise on how I go about rectifying this.

While I have you, I have another Bugzilla related question that possibly you can advise. I want to put project infrastructure type tasks into Bugzilla, f.i. "Set up automate build system", "Evaluate modelling tools", etc.. I was considering adding a "Project Infrastructure" component to Bugzilla, but I wonder how other projects handle this. Any ideas?

All the best,

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