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[] opinion wanted: check in generated code or not vs.copyright notice



I just wanted to get your opinion on this subject:


we have some generated code (JAXB) that we use in the SMILA project.


in the past we have just checked in these source files in our non-eclipse projects as they change infrequently and are needed for the developers to write their code.

now, at eclipse we need to provide a proper copyright notice but unfortunately the code generator  wont let us add a custom jdoc where we could place that.

modifying the generated source files to add the notice is cumbersome and probably tends to get forgotten.


generating during build is technically feasible but from the developers point of view not an ideal situation as the code would be cleaned on every build and u would have to make at least a partial build to start developing.             


so, have anybody of u crossed this issue as well?

how have u dealt with it in regard  to IP cleanliness?


bearing the discussion in the use of this in mind but also seeing eclipse’s warning to be frugal with opening bugs I didn’t want to open one just yet, but will in case the discussion gets lively.


Kind regards

Thomas Menzel @ brox IT-Solutions GmbH



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