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[] New MDT component

Hello all,

Please see below for an announcement from the MDT Project about the new Papyrus component. Note: we are using the "old" component creation process for Papyrus since the project started this before the updates to the Eclipse Development Process took effect. Under the new rules, a component is created via a Creation Review rather than an announcement.


The Modeling PMC has approved creation of a Papyrus component as part of the MDT sub-project (see mailing list thread at Details on the new component can be found on Eclipsepedia at
The MDT sub-project will be accepting code contributions which involve the addition of new committers on MDT. Details on these committers are as follows:
Sébastien Gérard (CEA LIST): Sébastien is leading a research team investigating MDD for Distributing, Real-Time and Embedded systems development. This team is part of the Laboratory of Model Drive Engineering for Embedded Systems (LISE) of the CEA LIST. He is the initiator and leader of the initial Papyrus project ([2]). As the CEA representative at OMG, he is an active contributor to OMG specifications (especially on UML, SysML and MARTE which he is the FTF chair).
Raphaël Faudou (Atos Origin): Experienced software architect, Raphaël is in charge of innovation and method definition for Atos Origin Toulouse (France). He is the representative of Atos Origin for the TOPCASED project ( and is very active in the field of the Model driven engineering.
Etienne Juliot (Obeo): Etienne is one the founder of Obeo, a company dedicated to model driven tools. He has a major experience on working on large UML models for information systems and embedded systems. He works with many OpenSource communities like Acceleo (, ATL, EMF Compare, TopCased and Papyrus. He is already an active Eclipse commiter for STP SCA project.
Javier Muñoz (Integranova): Javier is a projects manager in Integranova. He is technically leading the MOSKitt project (, which aims to develop an Eclipse-based free case tool. Javier is finishing his Phd in the Technical University of Valencia, which proposes a model driven method with code generation capabilities for the development of pervasive systems.
Francisco Javier Cano received his degree in Computer Engineering from the Technical University of Valencia in 2007. He is currently an Eclipse developer for Prodevelop in the MOSKitt project, focused in modeling tools and technologies. He became a committer for the Papyrus component of Eclipse.
Gabriel Merin received his degree in Computer Engineering from the Technical University of Valencia (Spain) in 2006. Since then, he has been an Eclipse developer focusing on modeling technologies working at Integranova Valencia. Gabriel has also become a Papyrus commiter, collaborating in the development of the new Papyrus II tool.
Remi Schnekenburger works as a research engineer at the CEA LIST since 2003. He actively participates there to the development and branding of the open-source UML Modeler Papyrus. He is also involved in several French projects, focusing on UML Action language. He especially works on tools for the edition and usage of this language in the models.
Dr David Servat (CEA): he has a PhD in Computer Science at Paris 6 University and a Telecommunication and information technology engineer diploma from ENST Paris. David Servat leads research projects in the field of component-based approach for the design of real-time distributed systems within the Design and Safety Lab of CEA List. It includes research on execution platform, middleware for embedded systems, model-driven engineering techniques in several national and European projects. In particular he is leader of CEA contribution to the ATESST2 project on using model-driven engineering techniques for automotive embedded systems design ( David Servat is the main contributor for the state-machine support in Papyrus.
Yann Tanguy is a research engineer at the CEA LIST and currently in charge of the modeling tools supporting the Accord|UML methodology for real-time applications. He is also in charge of driving the CEA LIST activities in the EDONA project (
Dr. Patrick Tessier – He obtained a PhD in Computer Science in 2005 from University of Lille (France) and the CEA. His PhD was about the management of the variability for the designing of real time system family in the context of a model-driven approach. More precisely, the purpose was to define and implement mechanisms in order to derive correctly the behavioral model of a system family. He was also involved in the European project Families, an ITEA project upon system family management ( Today, he is researcher at CEA LIST (CEA - French Atomic Energy Agency) in the LSP Group (Software for Process Safety) where he works on System family management and “Model-based software engineering for RT systems”. In this context, he is involved in the development of the Papyrus tool ( Papyrus is an open source UML tool to support MDE. He is also involved in the ATESST project ( The purpose of this project is to provide means to handle the complexity and improve safety, reliability, cost and development efficiency of automotive electronic systems.
Thibault Landré is a software engineer at Atos Origin Toulouse (France). He is an active comitter on the Topcased project since two years. He participates on several sub-projects for this platform : UML editor, SysML editor, Model2doc...
Dr. Chokri Mraidha is a researcher at the Laboratory of Model Driven Engineering for Embedded Systems of the CEA LIST institute in France. He got a master degree in distributed computing in 2001 and a PhD in Computer Science from Evry Val d'Essonne University in 2005. His research interests include real-time and embedded systems model driven development, real-time modeling languages design, real-time applications models executability and simulation. He is involved in the development of a French national model driven engineering open-source platform for real-time and embedded systems (OpenEmbeDD project) and is a committer in the Eclipse Papyrus project.
Cedric Dumoulin - he is assistant Professor at the University of Lille - France. Member of the LIFL Laboratory and of the  DaRT INRIA team. His working area is Model Driven Engineering. He participates to Papyrus I since its beginning. Cedric actively participates to the architectural design of Papyrus II and he is especially involved in the implementation of the Papyrus' backbone. Cedric is the father of the Struts-Tiles framework (Now an Apache Project) and co-author of Struts In Action (Manning Ed.).

-- Kenn Hussey, MDT Project Lead

Anne Jacko

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