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Re: [] CQ Turnaround Delay

 Janet, thanks for the heads up.
Can you please clarify if this slow down would affect the first stage of the parallel IP process too?



Janet Campbell wrote:

The good news is that over the last year we have made significant progress in reducing turnaround times on CQs. The bad news is that as you have now become accustomed to a faster turnaround time, delays will be more apparent to you. ;) I wanted to send you all a note to let you know that we expect some delays in reviewing CQs over the next couple of months due to a particularly large package that we are currently investigating. More code, means that there's more to look at and XUL Runner represents a submission that is over 30 times the median submission size. We started to review it before Ganymede, and then quickly realized that would negatively affect our ability to clear IP on Ganymede CQs in the queue. The CQ1528 owners graciously agreed that it made more sense for us to begin our review of this package after Ganymede and we have targeted October as the month in which we project our review will be complete. Until we are able to finish our analysis on that package, there will be a significant delay in CQ resolution. We appreciate your patience while we work through this unusually large submission. You can find more information on the status of our queue here: <>.



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