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[] Eclipse infrastructure update


A few words about the state of the Eclipse servers...

The Good

Ganymede rolled out with maximum excitement and minimal outages. throughput peaked at 270 megabits/second on release day.

Also, mailing list and newsgroup posts now only take a few minutes to appear on the archives, instead of hours, while consuming fewer resources.

The Bad

Our main database/file server is saturated at peak times*. This is affecting performance to some sites, such as the Wiki. We have plans to fix this.

* Peak times for Eclipse servers are every morning, Monday-Thursday from 2:00am to 6:00am and 8:00am to 11:00am Eastern. For some reason, Friday's load is much lighter.

The Ugly

Disk space usage has peaked for Ganymede, and I'm guessing many teams left for vacation without cleaning up dev builds.

- Archive/ 247G and 249G respectively. Since January/08 we've been adding 17G/month.

- /shared is at 80% capacity, with only 44G free. WTP and EPP are consuming >50G each.

- Tape backup: 3.1T/month, up from 2.5T in April. Tape backup space over 3.0T/month incurs cost to the Foundation.

Anything you do to reduce disk space waste is a benefit to us all.

Thanks for reading,



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