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[] Infrastructure update: Ganymede, Bugzilla, build infrastructure


Here's pre-Ganymede update from the IT front:

1. Ganymede and the Committer Party
2. Bugzilla Housecleaning
3. New web servers
4. Common Build Infrastructure

1. Ganymede and the Committer Party

The Ganymede release is approaching soon, but we're prepared. Although the day of June 25 will be a busy one, you should (unfortunately?) be able to carry on as usual. Read the Ganymede Final Daze document to make sure release activities don't impact your work.

For those committers attending the Committer Party in Ottawa, I've scored some major entertainment:

- Nick Boldt from (IBM Toronto) will attend as a Special Guest Star
- The IP Team's Sharon Corbett and Barb Cochrane agreed to a 'Dunk The IP Reviewer' game. If either of these two has caused you grief on IPZilla during Ganymede, now is your chance for revenge.

2. Bugzilla Housecleaning

Some teams have requested some Bugzilla housecleaning for their Target Milestones.  I've opened to explain how this maintenance usually happens.

3. New web servers and have both been migrated to new virtualized server clusters. Using virtualization, we can now deploy additional Bugzilla or web servers within 30 minutes.

Additionally, we've reduced our bandwidth usage by about 8-12 megabits/sec (10-15%) by enabling content compression via mod_deflate.

4. Common Build Infrastructure

Ed's rant  ("the huge investment that goes into making all these darned builds work") caused Nick Boldt and I to stir up some ideas that could help solve the problem. Nick and I will prototype some simple solutions that leverage the Foundation's server infrastructure and Nick's excellent build setup. We've code-named the effort Build Workshop 2: Build Harder and it's happening June 26.  Anyone that produces builds is invited to help out. We'll use the cross-project mailing list as our communication medium.

Thanks for reading.  If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.


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