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[] Eclipse project reviews; Eclipse project announcements

Hello all,

Below is information about the June 4 Review Call for Ganymede, as well as announcements from the Eclipse Examples project and the Google Summer of Code project.

The Ganymede "slides" link will download a zip file containing two very large pdf files. One is an overview containing a few summary slides for each project participating in the June 4 Ganymede Release Review. The other is made up of the entire Ganymede Release slide decks for each project participating on June 4.

Please note that there will be no presentations during the Ganymede Review Call on June 4. The Review Call is for questions only. We encourage you to download the pdfs and read through them to see if you have any questions to ask during the Review Call.


Project Reviews

Wed, 07 May 2008Subversive0.7 Release Review (slidesproject log) at 1500 UTC
Wed, 04 Jun 2008Ganymede (except STP) Simultaneous ReleaseRelease Review (slides) at 1500 UTC

Reviews are held on a conference call for Eclipse Members. Members (and committers are members) are directed to the MyFoundation portal for the call-in information. If you do not have access to the portal, send email to EMO to request the call information.


Announcement from the Eclipse Examples Project

The Examples Project is pleased to announce the creation of the "Eclipse
Business Expenses Reporting Tool" (EBERT) component. EBERT is a simple
expense reporting tool that runs on the client, server, and embedded
devices using Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP), Eclipse Rich Ajax
Platform (RAP), and embedded Rich Client Platform (eRCP) respectively.

Approximately 90% of the code is exactly the same across platforms. That
90%—the exact same code without recompiling, repackaging, or
manipulation of any sort—is deployed on the desktop, the server, and a
phone. This is one of the great things about Equinox and the various
runtime platforms at Eclipse: the exact same component model, Equinox,
is used everywhere.


Announcement from the Google Summer of Code (SOC) Project

The SOC project is pleased to announce the creation of the "toString"
component. This component is being created as part of the Google Summer
of Code 2008 programme. The student, Mateusz Matela--who is funded by
Google--has two mentors, Markus Kuppe and Mike Haller, helping with the

The toString() method is widely used to represent objects as
human-readable text and practically every class should implement it.
Usually it is very simple: generated string contains the object type and
lists values of the most important fields. That's why process of writing
such methods can easily be automated. Eclipse, as the best java IDE in
the world, should include functionality of automatic toString() method
generation to make its users lives even simpler. Implementing it is the
aim of this project.

The Eclipse platform has already implemented very similar functionality
- it can automatically create constructors, getters and setters, and
other methods. Considering this, adding toString() method generator is
relatively easy task because one can use existing solution as an
example. This makes the project a perfect match for a student like me,
who just begins his adventure of contribution to the Eclipse

Wayne Beaton
Examples Project Lead
SOC Project Co-lead


Anne Jacko

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