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[] Eclipse Infra -- SPEED Edition


This issue is all about SPEED.  Well, mostly.

1. Bugzilla SPEED
2. Build server SPEED
3. SSH Attacks
4. New website design

1. Bugzilla SPEED
Bugzilla has been migrated to a separate cluster of servers. The added resources have allowed us to configure Bugzilla for maximum performance, yielding noticeable performance gains.

Short of placing the Bugzilla servers beside your computer, I can't possibly make it go any faster.

2. Build server SPEED
With the cycles freed on the Itanium cluster from Bugzilla's move, I moved the ViewCVS/ViewVC/ViewSVN application from back to the Itaniums.

As folks gear up for Ganymede, the Build server has become quite busy, so removing ViewCVS should help.

3. SSH Attacks
We're seeing large numbers of distributed attacks against our SSH service on This is resulting in many IP subnets being blocked for abusive behaviour.

In the event your subnet has been blocked because of a rogue computer on your network, please contact us ASAP.

4. New website design
The Phoenix team is looking for new design ideas for the website. You can read the Call for Participation here:

With the new hardware we have, we'll be moving the website to a separate cluster of servers like we have done with Bugzilla. The move will likely happen sometime in June. The goals are:
- to reduce cycles on the Itanium cluster to ensure CVS/SVN remain fast
- to isolate www for better security
- to allow us to rapidly deploy additional webservers for better scalability

Because this move is more involved than that of Bugzilla, I'll be setting up a sandbox to allow everyone to test the site before it moves.

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to drop us a line.

Denis, Matt and Karl.


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