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[] Quick Infrastructure update


A quick Infra update to start off the week:

1. Bugzilla's bad behaviour over the weekend
2. Committer Tools has moved
3. disk space cleanup

1. Bugzilla's bad behaviour over the weekend
Some database maintenance went awry this weekend, resulting in broken database index files. These caused Bugzilla to spew many errors. The indexes have been fixed.

Your caring webmasters often -- but not always -- read email during the weekend to make sure everything is running smoothly. If something is blocking your work during no-webmaster hours [1] there is an escalation process for Eclipse Foundation Members that will enable us to be reached on our cell phones. Please talk to your PMC and/or Member rep to familiarize yourself with this process.

Do note that the same maintenance is being propagated to our database slave at the moment, which is offline. Bugzilla performance *will* suffer while in this state.

2. Committer Tools has moved
Links to Committer Tools have moved to the Portal. Please log into the Portal and access the _[tools]_ for committers link in the "Project Committer" portal to reset your Committer password, do Bugzilla maintenance, access download and web stats and other CT functionality.

3. disk space cleanup
We've received reports from mirror sites that are running out of disk space while mirroring Unlike other times I've babbled about this, this time even some corporate internal mirrors are also affected.

The unfortunate drawback to having a large download tree is that mirrors simply discontinue mirroring some, or all our projects. Anything you can do to reduce the size of your footprint on is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading, and have a great week!

Denis, Matt and Karl.

[1] Webmaster hours are (Mon-Fri 8:00am ET - 8:00pm ET), on-call the rest of the time.


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