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[] Invitation to participate in a UI walkthrough

The User Interface Best Practices Working Group
would like to invite interested committers to participate
in a user interface walkthrough.

What is a user interface walkthrough?  Well, it is pretty much what
you want it to be, as long it involves the user interface or user
experience of your project. The format is about a 30 minute
presentation followed by discussion and brain-storming with the
cross-section of developers and user interface designers that make up
the working group.

How do I participate?  You can sign up by going to the UIBPWG wiki and
adding yourself to the agenda of your desired week. (Just edit the
wiki page
Next meeting is on April 16th.  Give a one or two liner about the
topic.  You can also send an email to the UIBPWG mailing list
(ui-best-practices-working-group@xxxxxxxxxxx).  Or you can join one of
our conference and talk to us about doing a UI walkthrough.

How do I prepare for the walkthrough? Again, that's up to you.  It can
be as simple as a screenshot, you can post a wiki page
(eg. or we'll even host
a WebEx for you and you can do a live demo.

If you want to be even more involved, the UIBPWG is open to all
Eclipse members.  If you have a passion for UI and user experience and
want to help improve the Eclipse experience, attend the conference
calls and join us!


Bob Fraser

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