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Re: [] Infrastructure update

Hi Denis,

Can you please elaborate on what this means: "All projects still on CVS by
the end of the week will be erased."  It sounds scary.

Hubert Leung
IBM Toronto Lab

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                     Infrastructure update               
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Greetings committers,

Here's a quick update for you on the Infrastructure front:

1. Reduced disk quotas
2. Server changes, overhaul
3. CVS deprecated

1. Reduced disk quotas

Please note that effective next week, all projects will see their disk
quotas reduced as follows, according to project seniority:

- projects created from Nov. 2001 - Nov 2002: 15 GB
- Dec. 2002 - Oct 2004: 10 GB
- Nov. 2004 - Now: 5 GB
- New projects after April 2008: 1 GB

We estimate p2 will greatly reduce disk requirements, hence the reduced
disk quotas.

2. Server changes, overhaul

We'll be migrating our server infrastructure from Linux to Windows
Server. With all the process automation Bjorn and Karl have been working
on, the webmasters no longer know what to do with all their spare time
and need something to occupy their time.

3. CVS deprecated

Please note that CVS is now deprecated. Please switch to Subversion,
because it's better.  All projects still on CVS by the end of the week
will be erased.

As usual, thanks for your cooperation.



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