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[] 2008 Annual General Meeting of the Eclipse Foundation

Eclipse Members and Committers,

The annual general meeting of the Eclipse Membership will be held Monday,
March 17th from 1:30-5:30pm at the Santa Clara Convention Centre.  This is
the same location and week as EclipseCon 2008.  Please RSVP and mark your
calendars right away (see end of this email).

The annual meeting is your opportunity to better understand what is
happening in the Eclipse community and what to expect in 2008.  Shortly
after the meeting there will be a members-only networking reception.  Here
is the agenda:
 * Executive Director Update, Mike Milinkovich
 * Guest Speaker Raven Zachary, The 451 Group
 * Guest Speaker Patrick Wagstrom, Carnegie Mellon University - "Cooperative
Resource Exchange in the Eclipse Community"
 * Marketing, Membership and Europe Updates (Ian Skerrett, Donald Smith,
Ralph Mueller)
 * Project Updates
 * New Member Introductions
There will also be a New Member Jumpstart meeting on Monday, March 17th at
9:30-11:30am.   This meeting is ideally suited for people new to the Eclipse
Ecosystem either technical or business/marketing.   It will introduce the
role of the Eclipse Foundation, the governance structure and provide insight
into the organization of the different projects.  Members who may be
considering starting an Eclipse Project will want to follow up the Jumpstart
with the afternoon Tutorial "So you want to run an Eclipse Project" [1] (you
must be registered for EclipseCon to attend the Tutorial).
Your feedback and participation in these events is always appreciated.  
Project leads who would like to provide a Project Update during the meeting
should contact me ASAP.  New members wishing to do a short introduction of
themselves should also contact me ASAP.  Please feel free to contact me if
you have any other questions or comments.   I look forward to seeing
everyone at the Members’ meeting and EclipseCon 2008.
RSVP Instructions – Please forward this email to members.meeting@xxxxxxxxxxx
and indicate which of the following events you will be attending:

*  I will be attending the New Member Introduction on Monday March 17th
*  I will be attending the Annual General Meeting of the Eclipse Membership
on March 17th, 1:30-5:30pm
*  I will be attending the Annual General Meeting Reception on March 17th,
NOTE: You do not have to be registered for EclipseCon to attend the
meetings, but you should know that Early Registration deadline for
EclipseCon is tomorrow, February 14th so consider registering right away at 

- Don

[1] - 

Donald Smith
Director of Ecosystem Development
Eclipse Foundation, Inc.
P:+1 613 224 9461 x231
C:+1 613 292 5160
F:+1 212 918 1619

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