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Hi Committers,

I wanted to follow that up with an explanation for everyone about what
we're up to regarding the emails some of you received last night about
list subscriptions.

It all began with some failed elections and then this bug:

In the bug you'll see there are some issues dealing with elections and
trying to provide fairness and openness.  The solution we chose was to
notify committers of subscription omissions.

The information about what lists are associated with each project was
pulled from the meta-data maintained by each project via the Portal
interface (

The email address verified against list subscriptions is the one on file
in the Foundation's database for each committer (see the Portal).

A few people replied saying they need to file more than one address.  We
can't currently support more than one.  Other (pending) beneficial
functionality depends on this email address, like these bugs:

If you are using more than address and need to maintain this situation,
please take the time to comment here:

We're working toward better elections and closer adherence to the
process--and will probably hit a few hiccups on the way.  Please help us
get things right!  Review your project meta-data.  Comment on the bugs
to tell us what's important to you.



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