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[] Infrastructure update


1. Reminder: Bugzilla, other sites offline this weekend
2. New resolution: NOT_ECLIPSE
3. Bugzilla performance, server outages update

1. Reminder: Bugzilla, other sites offline this weekend

Just a reminder that Bugzilla and other database-driven sites will be offline this weekend while Matt resyncs the database servers. The servers went out-of-sync as a result of the server outages we've had a few weeks ago. Bugzilla has been using a single database server ever since, which has had noticeable impact on its performance.

The interesting trivia is that our Bugzilla database is now at 5.5 GB in size.

The planned outage window is Sunday, 6:00am Eastern to about 8:00am.

2. New resolution: NOT_ECLIPSE

I've added a new Bugzilla resolution: NOT_ECLIPSE which you can use to resolve bugs where, for instance, the problem lies in a third-party package.

Please see for more details.

3. Bugzilla performance, server outages update

Since March 2006, we've been having increasingly frequent outages caused by the IBM database/storage servers that power the back-end, the most recent occurring in July. Despite the numerous efforts we have invested to solve the problem, and the numerous victory dances that were all in vain, we have yet to find the cause.

We have applied a series of updates to both the servers and feel confident that the problem is solved. However, we've also said this before, so time will tell.

With this weekend's database sync, our site will be returning to full power on Monday morning, after running a single back-end server for more than two weeks.

Thanks for reading,

Denis, Matt and Karl.


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