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[] IMPORTANT: New requirement to use the MyFoundation Portal for committer elections

Eclipse committers,

As you know, we have been using the MyFoundation Portal ( for committer elections for a few months now. The Portal adds more automation to the elections (meaning less work for everyone, both for you and for the Foundation staff), and makes the individual project elections more transparent to the entire Eclipse community. Most of you have made the switch and are now conducting your elections in the Portal, and we thank you for doing that.

Up to now we have been strongly encouraging all projects to use the Portal, while still processing a few elections using the old system. The next step is to require projects to use the Portal, beginning on July 15. If you have been experiencing problems or have other issues with the Portal election process, please let us know (via email to emo@xxxxxxxxxxx) and we will help you resolve them.

If you feel that your project must conduct an election outside the Portal, please request an exception in advance of the election by sending email to emo@xxxxxxxxxxx.

Thanks again to everyone for using the Portal, and we especially appreciate your suggestions about ways to improve it.

Anne Jacko

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