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[] Infrastructure update: Bugzilla, Committer reps newsgroup

Greetings Committers. This is mostly a Bugzilla update that you (and your project leads) may find useful. Most leads are on this list -- if yours aren't on the Committers' list, you may want to forward this to them.

1. Bugzilla Flags: improve bug workflow
2. New Bugzilla release: lots of features
3. Committer reps newsgroup

1. Bugzilla Flags: improve bug workflow

Bugzilla supports Flags which can help with bug workflow where a request/response interaction is required. Unlike Keywords, which can only be set or not, a flag can have any of four states, and can allow multiple instances of the flag to be set by different people. Valid states are: unset (default), request (?), set positive (+) or set negative (-).

A couple of real-world examples come to mind: requesting a review, or requesting PMC approval when API changes require it. The advantage with Flags is that they are searchable via the Advanced Search.

Flags are either Global, or specific to a Bugzilla product and component. Flags can also be set for attachments as well (committers could flag attachments/patches for approval, for instance). Although each project could send me a list of their desired flags, I'm sure some flags are common across all projects (such as a Review flag). Therefore, I've opened the bug below to gather feedback for Global flags that everyone can use. Once we've created Global flags, I'll accept your requests for project-specific flags.

Or use this bug for general discussion about flags:

Props to Chris Aniszczyk and Gunnar Wagenknecht for bringing this up on my blog - I think we've been missing out on some cool functionality.

2. New Bugzilla release: lots of features

A new major version of Bugzilla is expected to be released in early April. It will contain lots of new functionality that you have been requesting for some time. For instance:

- Default CC List for Components. This is pretty close to your request for the ability to watch a component.

- Custom Resolutions. We will no longer be limited to FIXED, WONTFIX, LATER, REMIND, WORKSFORME and INVALID. We'll also have the ability to remove the arguably harmful REMIND and LATER.

You can read about the upcoming release here:

We'll attempt to upgrade to the latest version within a few weeks after it's released. Bugzilla is an important piece of infrastructure, and we're usually quite conservative and cautious with it. We'll be monitoring the Bugzilla bugs for any post-release showstoppers before attempting to upgrade.

3. Committer reps newsgroup

Our Committer Representatives have requested a newsgroup to facilitate communication amongst the committer community.


Although the group is open to the public for transparency, we aren't advertising it on web pages to keep the off-topic posts to a minimum.

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me.



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