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[] Project-centric gatherings at EclipseCon

I'm writing to remind you about two different project-centric gatherings at EclipseCon. One I've organized, the other you must organize.

My gathering is the Committer Boot Camp held Sunday afternoon before EclipseCon. These presentations by Bjorn, Janet, Donald, Ian and myself will cover unique details of Eclipse methods, in depth, and in person. Read more about this event on the link below and then rsvp to me to save a seat.

Your gatherings will be your project BOFs. You need to organize and promote these yourselves. Please hurry. The deadline to get a guaranteed room is this Friday, February 9th. Contact Wayne@xxxxxxxxxxx to reserve a room. I'd very much like to attend as many BOFs as possible. If you would like to see me there, cc me on the promotional messages you send.

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