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[] infrastructure update

Greetings committers,

I hope you all had a nice holiday. In this issue:

1. Bugzilla charts and graphs
2. Bugzilla Time Tracking tools
3. Bugzilla performance improvements
4. IPZilla improvements
5. performance: new server, more bandwidth
6. Downloads disk quotas
7. 2007: committers first

1. Bugzilla charts and graphs

Thanks to our server upgrades in December, Matt has managed to get Bugzilla charts working. See pretty bar graphs, line graphs and pie charts here:

2. Bugzilla Time Tracking tools

Did you know Bugzilla has Time tracking tools? The TPTP project uses this feature, and I though perhaps other projects would like to use it as well. More information can be found here:

Project leads, please let us know if you want us to enable the feature for your project.

3. Bugzilla performance improvements

Since December, both our database servers have been running like clockwork, and Bugzilla performance has been much, much better. Markus, Daniel and Philippe haven't e-mailed us once to say that Bugzilla is slow. We regularly dance in our office to celebrate the victory.

4. IPZilla improvements

IPZilla has been quite successful so far, and many improvements are planned for this quarter. This Bugzilla query will show you what's in the queue:

If you have any suggestions for IPZilla, please feel free to open bugs against Community/IPZilla.

5. performance: new server, more bandwidth

We've recently added a fifth front-end server to help with the load. This HP Itanium2 server is identical to the other four nodes that are also in service. This server will bring overall load down, and will help cope with added load when you all log in and check your bugs in the morning.

Also, we've added an extra 10 Mbps of permanent bandwidth, bringing our total bandwidth to 70 Mbps.

We've been examining many of our server processes and scripts and we've found lots of room for improvement. We're actively re-writing and tweaking our setup to minimize server load, which in turn helps performance.

6. Downloads disk quotas

We believe the disk quotas are responsible for the outage we had on January 8 (as was the case for the last outage, March 31 2006) so we have discontinued using them forever. We will be monitoring disk space usage for some other way.

On a positive note, the huge download disk space cleanup that we did in December was immensely successful, as our tape backup system is no longer maxed out. Thanks to everyone who invests efforts in keeping their downloads area clean.

7. 2007: Committers first

The Eclipse Foundation's IT focus for 2007 hasn't changed from past years: we're putting committers first. If you are unable to work efficiently, then fixing that becomes our #1 priority. We want to do everything we can to ensure the Eclipse IT infrastructure is stable, fast and secure so you can get your work done.

Feel free to e-mail us at webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxx if you have any questions, comments, concerns or problems. We're here to help.

Denis, Matt and Karl.


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