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[] Committer Gathering

Dear Committers,

The Eclipse Foundation will be hosting a committer gathering at the McMenamins Kennedy School in Portland, Oregon, collocated with the Agile Open Northwest 2007 conference. Our event will consist of two parts, both on Wednesday, January 31st:

	2:20 to 5:30 pm
	Agile Technology: Implications of Experience
	(Committer event)
	7:00 to 9:00 pm
	Co-evolution Picnic: Fish Bowl Conversation
	(Plenary event with Agile conference)

Both events are open to Eclipse committers, free of charge, with email registration to Anne Jacko, anne.jacko@xxxxxxxxxxx. Details of each event follow.

Best regards,
Ward Cunningham
Eclipse Foundation


Agile Technology: Implications of Experience

This workshop will explore our own experience with Agile methods and/ or tools and reflect on what that might suggest for our own future.

The format will be the five minute position statement followed by interview format pioneered by the LAWST workshops and used by our own Dynamic Languages Workshop a year ago. An advantage of the format is that it stays interesting and participatory while not requiring elaborate preparation by speakers.

We will have recruited some interesting speakers. However, if you have experience you would like to share, please include a paragraph about it in your registration. If you're interested but unsure, email me, ward.cunningham@xxxxxxxxxxx.

We've sent this invitation to Northwest Eclipse committers as identified in our foundation database. If you know committers, or contributors who would benefit from this event, please pass this invitation along.


Co-evolution Picnic: Fish Bowl Conversation

We will join the rest of the conference attendees for this plenary session that could easily build on or validate conversations we have had earlier in the day:

The agile revolution has been enabled by tools. Methodologists will grant this while they distance themselves from any particular toolset. Likewise tool-smiths are reticent to align too closely with agile methodology for fear of dividing their market too. This failure to embrace the obvious has slowed the growth of both fields.

Join us for an evening of suspended realities where we collectively imagine the tools and methods of our dreams. Ward Cunningham of the Eclipse Foundation will launch this progressive conversation using the participatory panel format called a Goldfish Bowl. This capstone event complements the distributed open space format while still engaging all attendees in a forward looking cooperation.

Biology calls the advance of intertwined species "co-evolution". We've chosen to call this event the "Co-evolution Picnic" because we're imagining for an evening that this evolution will be easy. Keeping with the picnic theme, there will be food.


Of course committers are encouraged to participate in the modestly priced Agile Open Northwest event itself, which runs both Tuesday and Wednesday. Their information and registration forms are found here:

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