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[] IPZilla Roll-Out


Today the Eclipse Foundation is rolling out IPZilla for all Eclipse projects
and committers.  IPZilla is a separate Bugzilla instance which is reachable
by all committers via the "Committer Tools" page [1].   This proposal to
create IPZilla was first outlined on [2] and discussed in this related bug

Essentially, this mechanism is designed to:

1. enable transparency on the discussions related to and status of
Contribution Questionnaire’s (CQ's); and 

2. make the process more efficient by enabling better communication.

Key Changes

The Contribution Questionnaire has been adjusted slightly to streamline
submissions and require some information so that we can reduce the
back-and-forth discussion with respect to a CQ.  Contribution Questionnaires
submitted to the EMO will automatically populate an IPZilla record and
generate an email to the Submitter, PMC and Project Leads for the project
containing a reference to the IPZilla reference #.  

The Committer in turn will need to attach to the “IPBug” the source code
related to the code they intend to distribute (even if they are distributing
the code in binary form) to the IPZilla Bug.  This is needed as many of the
tools that the EMO uses to review the code require source code.  

Once the code has been attached, the PMC must approve the submission by
voting +1 on the bug.   After this happens, the EMO will identify the IPBug
as “Assigned” and the EMO will begin to work on the submission.  

Existing CQs in progress will not immediately be visible on IPZilla, though
this is expected to take place shortly as we complete our initial roll-out. 

We’ve created an IPzilla component under the Community product in Eclipse
Foundation in Bugzilla. Questions, comments and suggestions will be tracked

Thanks go to Denis and Matt for getting this up and running!


Janet Campbell
Legal Counsel & Manager, Intellectual Property
Eclipse Foundation Inc.
Phone:  (613) 224-9461, x.229 (GMT -5)
Fax:  (613) 224-5172
Email:  janet.campbell@xxxxxxxxxxx
Alternate email:  janet@xxxxxxxxxxx

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