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Re: [] Webmaster Update - Download Stat, ViewCVS, Callisto, Bugzilla

If I may step in on Denis & Matt's behalf...

1. Move your cvs content:
      OLD: /cvsroot/tools/org.eclipse.[project]/path/to/content/*
      NEW: /cvsroot/org.eclipse/www/[project]/path/to/content/*

2. Link to your content:

Then, wait about 30-60 seconds for the cvs-to-website auto-extraction to
occur, and bam, you'll have web content served from www instead of from


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I wouldn't want ot be uncool. Can you provide a link that describes how to
transition web pages from viewCVS to the new infrastructure. Also, is there
a way to forward the viewCVS URLs to the new location? Some of our links
are published in help doc so we need to be able to forward them if we move
the content.

Michael "I just wanna be cool" Valenta

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                                      Update - Download Stat, ViewCVS,     
                                      Callisto, Bugzilla                   
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Greetings committers!  In this issue:

1. [NEW]  Download stats redesigned
2. [INFO] ViewCVS web sites on
3. [INFO] Callisto release train
4. [NEW]  Bugzilla bugs fixed by Mozilla

1. [NEW]  Download stats redesigned

The Live Download Stats[1] have been redesigned. Among the improvements:

- Faster. Much much faster. You don't need to defer results to e-mail

- Older download records are preserved. The current solution should
scale beyond 300,000,000 download records (about 1 year), depending on
the queries you run.

- Group downloads by country!  We only started tracking this on Feb 21,
so downloads prior to that will be in the Unknown country. Results are
much more reliable on ZIP files fetched with download.php than on JARs.

- More default date ranges: All, Today, yesterday, Last 7 Days, Last 30

TIPS for fast results:
- the number of files matched by your file name is the #1 factor. More
files = more time.  Narrow your search to a specific file or version.
Sometimes, a single "core" JAR or ZIP is enough to represent one
download/installation of your project.  Search for it specifically.

- Searching through Last 30 Days is actually the slowest date range.
Even All is faster, as it bypasses the need to group by dates. Last 7
days is quite snappy, as is Yesterday and Today.


2. [INFO] ViewCVS web sites on

A few projects still use ViewCVS to display their web pages. ViewCVS is
a horrendous resource hog that, when abused, can bring a server to its
knees. Although we approve of using ViewCVS for pulling files out of CVS
dynamically, we seriously frown on using it for static web pages. Anyone
still using ViewCVS beyond January 2007 will officially be considered
uncool by the Webmaster.

3. [INFO] Callisto release train
Lots of discussion is going on regarding the upcoming Callisto release
train. We WebMasters are working hard to ensure our infrastructure can
hold up to the demands of this grandiose event.  You can read up on some
of the Callisto information using these links:

Callisto Intro:

Callisto Update sites:

Callisto-related bugs:

4. [NEW]  Bugzilla bugs fixed by Mozilla

There was a bug in Bugzilla 2.20 that caused Bugzilla to be ridiculously
slow on some occasions.  Since 2.20.1 has been installed, I haven't
witnessed this problem.

Details on the bug are here:

Future Bugzilla upgrades should be sandboxed, and you should test them:

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions or concerns about the infrastructure, how to use the servers, download stats, PHP,
CVS or any other service, please do not hesitate to ask us.



Eclipse WebMaster - webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxx
Questions? Consult the WebMaster FAQ at
View my status at
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