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[] Bugzilla 2.20 -> queries as XML, performance issue

Greetings Eclipse committers,

As of yesterday, is running version 2.20.

Here is a list of the new features:

Among these features, one that may be of interest to you is "queries as an RSS file". The possibilities are endless with this, and provide a better method for interfacing with Bugzilla programmatically (as opposed to scraping HTML).

You can also fetch the contents of a bug in XML format:

*bugs with bugs*
There is a performance issue with Bugzilla 2.20. Some search queries lock the tables, for up to 2 minutes (yikes), making bugzilla lag badly. As soon as Mozilla release a fix for this, I will install it:

If you see anything broken with this new Bugzilla release, please open a bug against Community/Bugzilla.




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