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Re: [] Eclipse Release Train Name - voting now open

Bjorn -
A couple of questions before I vote...

Is the "train" concept intended to be part of the ongoing description of the coordinated release or is that something that was coined to describe it until there is an official name?
Is it assumed that there will be a series of these trains?  If so, then I humbly suggest you combine the "Total Eclipse" and "Eclipse 2006" suggestions into another choice called "Total Eclipse 2006"...otherwise you would have to start numbering or otherwise describe the iterations of the Total Eclipse.


Bjorn Freeman-Benson <bjorn.freeman-benson@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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10/14/2005 04:20 PM
Please respond to Eclipse Committers

        Subject:        [] Eclipse Release Train Name - voting now        open

Eclipse Members,
As you may recall, bug#108146 was opened to collect names for the upcoming Eclipse Release Train. We collected a lot of names, but not many votes so... I've create an on-line survey to get the votes.

The voting will be open for one month. (Of course you should only vote once, etc.) (Of course the results will be unscientific, so have all your friends and your friends' friends and etc. vote - the more the merrier.)

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