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[] Webmaster Update - new toys

From the "we just keep giving" dept.

1. Wiki software
2. Live download stats - queued queries
3. Adding documentation help plugins to Infocenter
4. Search engine

Thanks for taking your precious time to read this stuff. When adding toys we think it's important to tell you how they work.

1. Wiki software

In response to we've installed a sandbox Wiki on our test server. It can be reached at

 A few things to remember:

1) Only committers can add and edit pages[1], and to do so you will need to "create a wiki account". However we are authenticating against our secured committer data, which means that you will need to set you user name and password to the same ones you would use for cvs access. When you first login you should fill out all of the blank fields and use the 'Create Account' button on the login page. While this is not required, if you do not do this you will receive an error message.

Once Wiki knows who you are, you can keep logging in with your CVS username and password.

2) When you first login you will also see a popup requesting that you accept the certificate offered by the server, when the Wiki is made live those popups will disappear.

3) Wikis are a community thing. As such it is completely self serve. We will not be actively monitoring content or anything else, aside from availability.

4) The Main Page belongs to all of us - let's use it wisely. An index of all the projects hosting a Wiki would be nice...

5) If all goes well this Wiki will be transitioned onto, but the content will not follow.

6) Anyone who wants to come up with an Eclipse Wiki Logo is more than welcome to do so!

2. Live download stats - queued queries

We've added the functionality of queueing queries on the Live Download Stats[2]. For many users, the query would take too long and the browser would timeout. Simply type your e-mail in the box and the results will be mailed to you.

Please note that if you need to issue multiple queries, it is more efficient to submit them all to the queue one after the other than to submit, wait for results, submit the next, wait for results. Please don't submit more than 4-5 queries, depending on the load. Server "main2"[3] handles these.

3. Adding documentation help plugins to Infocenter

The Eclipse SDK has been operating at for ages, but we never bothered adding any other doc plugins to it. I recently added the Birt docs just for fun, but please see and comment on the possibility of adding your project's doc plugins to the Eclipse Infocenter help.

4. Search engine

The search engine at has been reconfigured to provide better search results. By default, list and group archives are now *NOT* part of the results, because they polluted most of the queries people were submitting. Use the Advanced search to search in group and list archives.

I observed a dozen ramdom search queries we received, ran them myself and compared our results to a google search for and in most cases, our results were on par or better than Google's (depending on what you're looking for). It's now a useful tool.


[1] See for the background on this.
[2] Log in to Committer Tools for this


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