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[] Quick update - Update Sites, Large Files

In this issue:

1. More bandwidth!
2. Running an Update Site
3. Howto: Large files on the webserver

1. More bandwidth!

We've added 10 Mbps to our permanent bandwidth. We are no longer under constant saturation.

You can use to comment on the speed of our site

2. Running an Update Site

Projects hosting an Update Site should start using mirrors by adding the <site mirrorsURL /> tag to their site.xml

Please read bug to see how this can be done.

3. Howto: Large files on the webserver

A few folks have asked me about hosting large files on their CVS-enabled website. Here are some guidelines (these are also outlined in Committer Tools/How Do I?)

My definition of a large file:
- Files smaller than 400K are always small. Do as you please.
- Files 400K - 1M are small if you don't change them often, otherwise they are large
- Files 1M+ are large

- Small files should be hosted in your CVS-enabled website on - Large files should be hosted in the downloads area, so we can offload bandwidth to mirrors - this includes screencasts, demos, PDF's, zips, etc.

If you want to link to a file in the downloads area, but you don't want to burden the users by forcing them to pick a mirror, add the &r=1 parameter to the URL when using the Find A Mirror script. A random mirror will be transparently picked. When I get some time I'll modify the Find A Mirror script to be more intelligent in its mirror selection rather than just pick at random.

Thanks for your usual co-operation!



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