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[] Webmaster update: Your project's update site, quotas, CVS and more!

In this issue:

1. Project Update sites on
2. Archived builds - thanks!
3. " is down!"
4. New proposed CVS locations

1. Project Update sites on

Many projects are hosting Update sites on While this is a great idea, it bypasses any mirror sites we currently have in place. Unless I'm mistaken, Eclipse's Update Manager mirror site support is only available for the following six projects: Platform, EMF, GEF, UML2, VE and WTP.

I opened/commented on the following bugs to address some issues:

- Make it easier for projects to be in the Eclipse Features list:

- Update Manager should support HTTP redirects, such as the "Find A Mirror" script:

As a temporary alternative, you can use the Find A Mirror script to display URLs to mirrors hosting your update content. For instance, using the AJDT's project as an example, their downloads page[1] at sais to use as the Update manager URL. This URL could be replaced by a link to this:

Users can then use a nearby mirror to fetch the AJDT content using the Update Manager.

2. Archived builds - thanks!

I'd like to thank the projects who have moved older builds to the Archives location. As an added bonus, I claim ownership of all your archived release builds, giving you back disk space in your quota.

3. " is down!"

Once in a while a reputed Eclipse committer sends me an e-mail with the above caption in the subject line without first checking the network conditions at their own end. This causes an immediate heart attack to yours truly, followed by irreperable brain damage and occasional twitching.

4. New proposed CVS locations

As per bug, I'd like to propose new CVS root locations for all the CVS repositories at The new paths would be pointers to the physical locations on the server. The purpose is to abstract the physical location in order to make it easier for sysadmins to transparently move the repository to a new physical path should the need ever be.

Please see the bug for more details and to comment and vote.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.




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