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[] Successful Server Migration - CVS stuff you should know about.


Sunday morning we migrated the backend server to new IBM p5 servers. The migration process was flawless, and downtime was 15 minutes for Bugzilla and 1 hour for CVS. No other service was affected.

What this means for you:

1. CVS: pserver and extssh CVS are now back in sync. A file committed via extssh is available for viewing immediately using pserver. We envourage you to use pserver for your build scripts.

2. CVS: extssh CVS will return to being load-balanced later this week. You won't even notice this.

3. CVS: a few committers may notice that they have lost commit privileges to some modules. Limitations in the file system cause this problem but we have a solution. E-mail us with your userID and the module you're trying to commit to. It's a one-minute fix.

Committers who had commit problems during the initial migration in March (Darin Wright, Darin Swanson, Valentina Popescu) won't have the same problem this time around as we applied the necessary fix for the modules you couldn't commit to back then.

4. Live download stats: because the stats are being pulled from a replicated server, they no longer impact functionality. Therefore, we're removed the "Server too busy" restriction. Don't forget that the accuracy of stats depends on your use of the "Find a mirror" script for your downloads pages.

5. Fewer red numbers in the Committer Tools/Infrastructure status web page (

6. This migration concluded the Foundation's hardware migration plan, and no additional hardware migrations are planned for the near future.

As usual, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to let us know.



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