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[] Outage notice - Sunday, July 17 2005 6:00am Eastern


There will be an outage this coming Sunday from 6:00am to 8:00am Eastern while we migrate the backend server to its permanent server. A message will be posted to eclipse-dev and to the website shortly.

Critical services affected are CVS and Bugzilla, which will be unavailable for most of the outage. Other services, such as the website, RSYNC and mail, should not be affected by the outage. We simply want to disable "writing" to files on our servers while we transfer the data to the new servers. The search engine may be down a bit longer while I force a complete reindex, but this is nothing critical.

CHANGES TO THE INFRASTRUCTURE - see below for more details.

- Load-balanced CVS - including EXTSSH
- Mirrored backend
- More Disk Space
- Faster backend

This migration will conclude hardware migrations at If you have any questions about the migration or how these changes affect you, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.


- Load-balanced CVS - including EXTSSH
The current scenario where extssh and pserver CVS are not in sync will disappear. Running builds using PSERVER will yield the exact same result as running a build using EXTSSH. This was our initial intention when the migrating occurred in March, but we ran into permissions problems that forced us to isolate CVS to one server.

Although we'll do our best to prevent this, some committers may lose commit rights to some modules - please advise us ASAP and we will fix the problem immediately.

Also, the cvsstat http links will disappear sometime next week:

- Mirrored backend
The backend server is mirrored to another server, with automatic failover. Should the backend server die, the secondary will pick up duties automatically within 1 minute. The added bonus is that the secondary server will be used for read-only access to databases (such as Live Stats for Downloads)

- More Disk Space
The new backend server has 1TB of disk space. We will be maintaining tight download disk quotas because our mirror sites do not have this luxury

- Faster backend
The new backend servers have four processors, 16 GB of RAM and 15 disks spread across two controllers. The current backend server (which in fact is a front-end node we've been using in the interim) has a major disk bottleneck in that it only has three disks on one controller. The current backend server will then be used as "node4" in our front-end cluster.


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