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[] Technology Project Declarations: IDE for Laszlo -and- Java Worflow Toolbox

As per the Eclipse Development Process, we are notifying the Eclipse Membership-at-Large of the intent of IBM to propose the IDE for Laszlo project, and the intent of OpenWide and ObjectWeb to propose the Java Workflow Toolbox project as part of the Technology PMC.

A brief description of the project is below. Draft project proposals have been posted on and These proposal will become public next week.


*"IDE for Laszlo"

The IDE for Laszlo subproject's goal will be to develop a fully integrated development facility for the OpenLaszlo platform (and other rich client platforms), with full support for editing, refactoring, and debugging. The IDE would be an extensible framework such that other xml/script based Rich Internet Markup Languages could be plugged in.

One goal of this project will be to provide the ability to easily and quickly define Eclipse UIs using the LZX (Laszlo xml) markup, without writing any java code.

*"Java Workflow Toolbox"
*The JWT project aims to provide both build-time and runtime tools for workflow engines.It will initially be composed of two tools, WE (Workflow Editor) and WAM (Workflow engine Administration/Monitoring tool).

WE will be a visual tool for creating, managing and reviewing process definitions. Straightforward and simple, WE will let users quickly create workflow process definitions, check and store them for further use. Once a process definition is proved valid, it can be imported/referenced into new ones, thus shortening the time and effort needed to define workflow process.

WAM will be used to deploy and test a workflow in a workflow engine. It could be used to handle a engine's process definition external repository, to load some process definitions into a specific Workflow Engine, unload it, update it, instantiate it, monitor Workflow Engine's processes, perform mappings among participant definitions and real users, and among application definitions and Tool agents.

As process definitions (XPDL, BPEL, proprietary, ...) and workflow engines (XPDL compliant, BPEL compliant, proprietary, ...) can vary , we propose to build a generic, extendable framework that enables several representations to be implemented and plugged in. As a first step an XPDL process definition and XPDL compliant engine model will be implemented.

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