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[] Eclipse Committer Newsletter 2005 issue 2

 -Bjorn Freeman-Benson
It's been two months since the last newsletter, so it's time to compete with BitTorrent for bandwidth and distribute another newsletter.

 -Bjorn Freeman-Benson
Eclipse continues to attract a fire hose-like influx of new project proposals. Each of these proposals will have a Creation Review, and of course each major project will have a Release Review. All of this makes for a large number of reviews. The list of all known upcoming reviews is here: and it includes an RSS feed.

We are doing a number of things to try to ensure that you have time to read the proposals of, and comment on and attend the reviews of anything interesting to you:
1. I am restricting the number of reviews and bubbling the best ones up
  before the less well prepared ones.
2. There has been an interesting and active discussion amongst the Board and the Councils about the Eclipse Development Process. I am working to encapsulate the latest version of that discussion in a more explicit (and hopefully easier
  to follow) set of guidelines.  These guidelines should clarify the
  evaluation criteria for each of the Reviews.

Again, I urge you to attend the reviews of any project or proposal that you either champion or are concerned about. Eclipse is about its community and thus it is important for the community to provide kudos and critiques.

 -Bjorn Freeman-Benson
Since the last newsletter (and my apologies in advance if I've forgotten someone here), the following new and old projects have changed state:

New Technology projects:
* Buckminster Component Assembly Project
* Graphical Modeling Framework (GMF)
* Higgins Trust Framework
* Lepido, Tools for Apache Cocoon
* Mylar (a thin film to prevent information blindness)
* Phoenix (new website for
Archived Technology projects:
* Koi - no more active development
* XSD - moved to EMF
* WSVT - moved to WTP
Project Releases:
* BIRT 1.0

 -Bjorn Freeman-Benson
The new website project has been underway for a couple months now. There is a mailing list (phoenix-dev@), a newsgroup (, and of course the Community > Website Bugzilla area. An audit of the current website has been completed to find out what we have and would like to keep. A comparison with other websites (such as Apache and Mozilla and NetBeans) has been completed to look for interesting features. Right now we are working on selecting a content management system and wire framing the information flow.
Like all Eclipse projects, many hands will make light work.

 -Bjorn Freeman-Benson
I received exactly two replies to my "volunteer to help with selecting talks for the Committer track at EclipseCon 2006" which is admittedly a disappointing response. I'm going to have to start involuntarily volunteering some of you in order to make the content a success.

 -Bjorn Freeman-Benson
Thanks to Ed Burnett and Denis Roy, is aggregating over twenty Eclipse-related blogs.

 -Bjorn Freeman-Benson
I'll be putting together a set of "Project Dashboard"-like tools over the next couple months, so if there are any specific metrics you would like to know about Eclipse projects, let me know. For example, you might want to know how active the CVS checkins are and where a certain ranks in the activity list? Or you might want to know the min-avg-max response time to a new bug report is? Or ?? I'm open to ideas.

  - Scott Lewis, John Wiegand, Kai-Uwe Maetzel
Just a reminder that your Board representatives would love to hear from you:

Bjorn Freeman-Benson
Technical Director, Open Source Process and Infrastructure
Eclipse Foundation
voice:      971-327-7323
email:      bjorn.freeman-benson@xxxxxxxxxxx

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