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[] Webmaster Update - new way to change your password within!

Greetings all,

In this issue:

1. New Web-based Committer tools
2. Password changes
3. Tomcat availability
4. Maintenance window

1. New Web-based Committer tools

We have started work on some web-based tools for committers. The current
list of features is quite modest, but it will grow over time. The two
features currently available are :

- infrastructure status. Neat to check before asking "Is bugzilla slow for you too??"

- Change your password. No need to ssh to change your password anymore.
 Just use this handy tool.

To use this interface, please log in here, using your committer username
and password:

These tools are a work in progress and should be considered Beta. Report
any problems or suggestions to webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxx

2. Password changes
From now on, please use the web interface described above to change
your password. We will be disabling the use of the passwd
command on once it has been determined that the above
web interface is stable. Of course, forgotten or broken passwords
requests must still be sent in to webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxx.

3. Tomcat is now available.
Tomcat has been installed on for those projects who wish to
run an application. Please contact us directly for provisioning guidelines.

4. Maintenance Window
I'd like to define a preset maintenance window for the server infrastructure. Although we are able to perform
non-disruptive maintenance on redundant services, some services are not
yet redundant and must be shut down for maintenance. I'd like to suggest
Sunday evenings from 10:00pm to 11:59pm and Wednesdays from 10:00pm to
11:59pm. These windows will *not* be used every week; they will only be
used when disruptive maintenance must be performed. We would advise you
ahead of time of planned outages during these windows. Please provide
comments and feedback directly to webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxx.

Thank you for investing time in reading this update. We appreciate your



Eclipse WebMaster - webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxx
Questions? Consult the FAQ at
View my status at

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