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[] Summary of BIRT 1.0 Release Review

*Summary of the BIRT 1.0 Release Review*
held by conference call May 6, 2005

The EMO begins by thanking Actuate and the rest of the BIRT team for their strong effort in bringing the BIRT 1.0 release to fruition in a short time. The team's productivity was amazing, and the quality of the released tools is very high.

The EMO would also like to record that Actuate was the first new Strategic Developer to join the Eclipse Foundation, and that BIRT 1.0 is the first top-level project to conform to the Creation and Release reviews of Eclipse Development Process. The EMO has been "learning the ropes" along with the BIRT project and thus there are, admittedly, still rough edges in the processes and standards.

During the Release Review conference call, the BIRT PMC presented the state of the project to the attendees ( and then answered questions from the Eclipse membership. Based on the feedback received during this review, the EMO Approves the BIRT 1.0 release With Concerns, and thus requires certain remedial actions to be taken in the next major release cycle:

  1. The project has a strong software development process, but it will
     become more open and transparent in the next release. The project
     will use open bug reporting and testing, and public eclipse-hosted
     mailing lists.
  2. The BIRT platform API (the ROM) is well defined, documented, and
     validated in the 1.0 release.
     During the next major release cycle, with community feedback and
     validation, the provisional APIs of the 1.0 release will be
     improved and better documented in accordance with the Architecture
     Council's recommendations as documented in the (evolving) Eclipse
     Quality APIs standard.
  3. The PMC has done a good job of anticipating the extension points
     for BIRT and providing exemplary tools for these extension points
     in the 1.0 release. However, the PMC needs to further validate
     these frameworks and tools with the community and drive them to
     "Eclipse platform quality" as soon as possible.
  4. The PMC will meet weekly, with public minutes, to ensure that
     actions 1-3 are completed in the next major release cycle.

The BIRT PMC has committed to making these changes.

The Eclipse Foundation is pleased to join the BIRT project in announcing the upcoming BIRT 1.0 release.
Congratulations again to the BIRT team!

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