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[] Proposal posted (corrected)

[Sorry to have forgotten a couple of the proposals. Thanks to Ed Burnett for being more alert than I <> and catching my errors.]

A flurry of new proposals are out and about - you may have noticed the declarations in your inboxes recently. There have been so many that I thought it would be useful for me to summarize them and remind you that you, as the Eclipse community, are welcome to (perhaps even requested to?) comment on them. The proposal and the projects can only improve with feedback, suggestions, clarifications, and critiques from the Eclipse community.

The proposals currently posted on the website are:

  * ALMIFF (*)
  * Buckminster (*)
  * Data Tools Top-Level Project (DTP)
  * JSR220-ORM (*)
  * Language Development Toolkit (LDT)
  * Lepido (Tooling for Cocoon)
  * Model Driven Development Integration (MDDi)
  * Mylar
  * Phoenix (*)
  * Photran
* Technical Project Infrastructure (Barn Raising) (*)

There are three declarations whose proposals are still under construction:

  * Device Software Development Platform (DSDP) Top-Level Project
  * EJB30-ORM
  * Open Healthcare Framework (OHF)

Note that the newsgroups for the three proposals marked (*) do not yet exist - they will come into existence early next week.
*Bjorn Freeman-Benson*
Technical Director, Open Source Process and Infrastructure
Eclipse Foundation <>
voice:      971-327-7323 (PDT, GMT-8)
email:      bjorn.freeman-benson@xxxxxxxxxxx

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