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[] Quick webmaster update

Sorry for all the SPAM..  This is the last one, I promise.

1. Not anymore! Our QoS rules were off, causing bugzilla and CVS traffic to fight for bandwidth with the public downloads. This has been [finally] fixed.

-- CVS pserver access - anyone using pserver should read this --
2. There is a delay between files committed using extssh and their visibility in pserver due to replication. pserver cvs is still load-balanced and redundant, whereas extssh cvs is not. Keep this in mind if you commit a file (extssh) then run a build (pserver).

-- Technology repository committers - read this if nothing else! --
3. I accidentally discovered that committers were able to commit to the Technology CVS repository using PSERVER. This configuration oversight never got picked up until folks started reporting that their commits were being overwritten as a result of issue 2. above. This has been corrected, so all the Technology committers must now use extssh to authenticate and commit to their repository.

-- New tools for you - because I care (really!)  --
4. I'm working on a new set of web-based tools for committers. These tools will allow you to check group memberships and permissions, check disk quota status, change your password, check the infrastructure status (bandwidth and server load) and read one-liner status reports from yours truly. More tools will be added, such as a HOW-TO section with common solutions to quircks and "features". I'll post the URL whenever I'm have something workable.

Thanks for hanging in there while we migrated everything over to the new hardware. There were some bumps, but everything should be running smoothly now.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to mail me directly at webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxx



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