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[] Call for vote: cvs commit notification system


I would like to invite you to vote on the following Eclipse Community
feature request:

I am opening this issue to request a cvs commit notification system to be set up
for Eclipse projects.
Please vote / comment on the bugzilla report (mention your project) if
you / your project needs
it, since it will help to get resources on setting that up on an
Eclipse wide basis.

Such a commit notification helps a dispatched team to stay up to date with the
latest changes in the CVS. We feel we need it for the AspectJ project, and it
can be beneficial to other projects as well.

Such a system can be set up with
- a mail based cvs notification sending html colorized diff on each commit to a
mailing list
- Fisheye (free for open source projects) that is providing a rich web based
commit log information

(or equivalent product that provide at least a colorized diff of the commits)

Please vote and comment on the Bugzilla report.

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