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[] CVS to be shutdown for maintenance


I will need to shutdown CVS to perform some maintenance. I am having committer access issues associated with running CVS in its current load-balanced state, and I need to transfer it to one specific server.

This will involve shutting CVS down, moving the repository to the server and re-enabling CVS operations.'s IP address will not change. The outage will last at most 30 minutes.

I suggest doing this maintenance at 9:00pm Eastern time this Thursday, April 7th. Although there is never a good time to perform maintenance, this time represents a relative quiet period for

I consider this "fix" to be a temporary solution only. I have found a possible solution that should allow me to run CVS in a load-balanced environment, but I need to test it thoroughly before putting it into production.

Please let me know if the proposed time causes any major inconvenience for you, and I will attempt to reschedule.

I apologize for the inconvenience this causes you, and I thank you for your patience during this post-migration phase.



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