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[] CVS migration test

Greetings to all Eclipse committers,

I have setup a test environment for CVS on the new hardware infrastructure, in preparation for the CVS migration that will occur this weekend.

Because CVS is a crucial part of, if you'd like to help me test it out, here is how you can:

Set up a new repository location to Use the same settings as you would with, except you will be using your "" password. Feel free to test anonymous PSERVER connections as well. Test checkouts and commits, modules, branches, tags, anything.. It should work like the old one.

The files on newdev are a few days old, so don't expect this morning's committed files to be there.

Report any problems or issues to webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxx.

I appreciate any time you spend on this. The CVS migration will likely begin reeeeal early Saturday morning (Eastern time) if there are no issues.

Denis Roy
IT Administrator,
Eclipse Foundation, Inc.
Office: 613-224-9461 x 224

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